Founded in 2015, UPocketEX is an international bitcoin trading station. UPocketEX is one of the world's leading international websites of encrypted digital currencies. It has been providing transactions for individual users since 2015. UPocketEX also provides users with legal currency and digital currency transactions, that is, the international encrypted digital currency market.

UPocketEX is an international leading blockchain digital asset international station. Provide a wide range of services such as digital currency transactions, blockchain education, blockchain project incubation, blockchain asset platforms, blockchain research institutes, and blockchain charity and other services to the world; currently users cover more than 130 countries and regions around the world , with a core memory matching technology of millions of orders per second, it is one of the fastest platforms for cryptocurrency transactions in the world and one of the platforms with the largest cryptocurrency transaction volume in the world.

UPocketEX always insists on putting the interests of users first, and is committed to providing a safe, fair, open and efficient blockchain digital asset trading environment. At the same time, with the blockchain as the core, an all-round blockchain ecosystem will be established. An Coin will create a new blockchain world with users and create history together.

At UPocketEX, we put our customers at the core of our business. We’re passionate about creating services that support customers with a great experience toward their goals. By treating others with respect, listening, and hearing, supporting each other, we stick to basic principles of human relationships. We value teamwork over personal ambition as the only way to success.

We believe that by inspiring our team and trusting them, we create opportunities for UPocketEX
. We prefer free mindsets instead of detailed instructions where we can avoid them. The only golden rule we set is to be accountable — for actions we take, behaviors we demonstrate, and decisions we make.

Our individual and team achievements are meaningful when they’re aligned with our company’s goals. We’re inspired by the things we do and the people for whom we do them. And we’re passionate about creating the best possible outcomes for our customers.

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  • Policy Support

    In September 2017, Singapore Finance The
    Authority (MAS) launched a series of plans
    to support Financial technology industry.
    The project is a central bank and blockchains
    The cooperation of chain alliance R3, which
    focuses on the development of blockchain to
    promote cross-border payments.The Singapore
    government also cooperate with IBM to establish
    a blockchain technology innovation center,and
    funded the project to support the blockchain
    recording system.Striving to build a five-year
    225 million dollar fintech investment plan

  • Well-known projects gather in Lion City

    Currently, more and more projects are pouring
    into Singapore, attracting more and more investment
    institutions have also entered Singapore.At the
    same time,a complete set of financial service
    systems for blockchain projects is rapidly taking
    shape to make At present, the world's well-known
    blockchain projects such as Quantum chain,VeChain,
    traceability chain, etc,and the exchange OKcoin are
    all new in Singapore registered a foundation; at
    the same time, well-known investment institutions.
    Capital has set up branches in Singapore, and node
    capital is planning to move the headquarters to
    Singapore and have completed the company registration.
    In addition, the distributor capital system also has
    an investment agency Po, named BlockAsset. Major
    Litecoin Fund Meeting, Bichon Chain Foundation, BITFID
    Foundation are all newly added Slope landing, Huobi,
    Bitmain, etc. also cover Singapore's major Blockchain
    company. Globally, the US Silicon Valley, Switzerland,
    Germany,The development of blockchain in Japan, South
    Korea and other regions is relatively rapid, but new
    it seems that some of the advantages that Singapore has
    are quickly helping them stand in The top of the world
    in virtual currency.

  • Regulations

    Singapore Monetary Authority believes that virtual currency
    is one of the digital tokens in a specific form Singapore
    does not regulate virtual currencies,even Virtual currency
    is welcome because it can reduce the financial transaction
    Cost, and bring more external capital. MAS only includes
    virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum Specific
    types of media that can be used for financial payments and
    value exchange "currency".

  • 2016
    In April· Exchange was established;
    In June · The platform has accumulatively traded 20 billion yuan(RMB), becoming one of the largest currency leverage trading platforms;
  • 2017
    In March · With a accumulative transaction volume of 120 billion yuan(RMB), it has become the world's largest trading platform for currency and currency leverage;
    In September · Acquired investment from Sequoia Capital and Danhua Capital
  • 2018
    In April · Exchange sponsored the "Digital Asset Research Project" project of the Internet Finance Lab of the Tsinghua University Wudaokou School of Finance.
    In September · Started to develop business in China.
  • 2019
    In June · Digital Currency announces Financial Public Chain Plan-Working with the Nervos Foundation to build a blockchain-based, global asset digitization and financial market infrastructure;
    In August · Exchange's accumulative transaction volume reaches 200 billion yuan (RMB)
    In November · Digital currency global station currency trading leveraged 24H trading volume returned to the world's first (CoinMarketCap data);
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